"Kharkov, pages of its history and modernity"

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    Will be glad to welcome you in the first capital of Ukraine - Kharkov. Pleasantly will be your tour guide to introduce you with our marvellous and splendid city. During our tour you will learn the history of Kharkov as the largest, scientific, industrial, cultural, trade and student centre. Together we look into the pages of Kharkov history, follow up the stages of the development of the city from the fortress till nowadays, we learn about the architectural monuments of the center: Holy Shroud Monastery, the Assumption Cathedral, Annunciation Cathedral, will admire the buildings designed by architector Baketov, located on Constitution Square. Follow up the foundation of the city as the largest trade center, learn about cultural, social and everyday life of the city. Visit one of the largest squares in Europe –Liberty Square (Freedom Square)

    Telephone number is 067 709 55 45

    Skype: kharkivservice

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